Bohemian Violin

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Worlds first Violin virtual performer

Audio Player One

Adrien Binet - Un Chagrin

Jeremiah Pena - From Mountains and Skys

Virharmonic - Sorrow

Sergey Pervov - Rimsky korsakovs Scheherazade


Creating music has never been so easy, with the help of our Virtual Performer making split second decisions based on your playing input, inspiring you to write lyrical lines like never before.

Freeing you to create Real Performances.

Don't take our word for it

Bohemian Violin is an incredibly well programmed instrument. It is deeply expressive and virtuosic, lending beautiful and agile sounds with ease. The wide range of articulations and performances included make Bohemian Violin a powerful and adaptable creative force.

Image of Composer Ramin Djawadi
Ramin Djawadi

WestWorld, Games of Thrones, Iron Man, Eternals

Virharmonics Bohemian Violin and Cello have very quickly become a staple in my template. With their incredible expressiveness and - even more important - outstanding playability, they allow me to sketch ideas extremely fast and efficiently. And more often than not, they do stay in the final production.

Amazing throughout.

Dirk Ehlert

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 & Catching Fire, Infiltrators 

I've used virharmonic solo strings on countless of scores and albums. Their tone is unparalleled - beautiful, emotionally diverse and highly playable. Probably the best solo strings libraries out there.

Freddie Hangoler

Life of a Mountain, The Cairngorms in Winter, 30 Dias Antes

the virtual performer

Part of an expanding series of performers, the Bohemian Violin was created to free you to perform real Violin Performances fast, without the need to be a violinist yourself.

To achieve realism, we recorded an unprecedented amount of samples for a solo instrument, but managing all this by loading individual patches would be slow and cumbersome and stifle inspiration.

This is where the virtual performer comes in, controlling all the varied legatos, bow types and emotive expressions as you play, all from one patch and all in real time.


Supported Plug-In Formats:

  • AU, VST3, VST, AAX

dedicated plugin built on the gorilla-engine (64bit).

Operating System Compatibility:

  • macOS Big Sur (11) through to Sonoma (14.5) (Apple Silicon and Intel compatible)
  • Windows 10 through to Windows 11

one time codemeter server response activation

compatible with all major 64bit DAWS like logic, cubase, pro tools, studio one, reaper, ableton

computer needs 4Gb memory+

26 gb of drive space installed, double required for setup.

88 Key Velocity Sensitive Midi Keyboard recommended

near instant loading with an ssd using real time streaming, which is a massive memory saver.

Digital Downloads provided by Pulse Downloader


longs: arc, mid arc, sustain, marcato, diminuendo

shorts: staccato, spiccato, pizzicato, ricochet, col legno+

legatos*: quarter, half, whole, bow change, portamento

bowing: lasting bow, down bow, up bow, auto re-bow, tremolo

extended: runs/trills, ponti cello, sul tasto, harmonics, non vibrato

All with round robins, real up bow down bow recordings and multiple dynamics

* unprecedented in phrase legatos in varied speeds in many dynamics including true bow directions, slurred on bow, fingered on bow, fingered bow changed, slurred bow changed

+ includes bumps and hits


the virtual performer: enables incredibly easy live play, auto selecting the bow types, legatos and bow positions based on your play style.

mood selection: improv, emotive, assertive, classical and sprightly, allowing you to change the behaviour of the violinist on the fly

performer mode: solo, second violin, trio, chamber, divisi trio & divisi chamber

maestro: the very first Performer Poly-Legato

crafting: blend any forced on bow type/articulation with our legatos.

reverb & space: convolution & algorithmic reverbs with added spaces: hall, chamber and studio

built in velocity control

built in expression control

built in help guide.